We’ve been pretty busy getting ready for Devcon, but we’ve still managed to get some good coding done! Here’s what we’ve been working on since the last update:

eWallet Application

  • Finalized the eWallet settings feature (#493). This one turned out to be much more complex than we anticipated: on order to manage settings/configuration of the eWallet in a way that users can update it without having to restart the app, we had to create a new sub-application called ewallet_config.
  • Fixed a bug where preloaded exchange pairs weren’t loading properly in consumptions (#497)
  • Improved transaction flow in our iOS Point of Sale Applications using the transaction request/consumption feature from the eWallet and websocket communication (#38)
  • Released iOS SDK 1.1.0-beta2 (#106)
  • Implemented support transaction request for admin module on the Android SDK (#75)

Android Point of Sale Applications

  • Added version number and endpoint address to the profile and signin pages on Client Application (#18)
  • Implemented balance detail page on Client Application and ability to set a primary token (#19)
  • Changed to Android Navigation Component, for improved navigation flow
  • Implemented support for transaction requests on Client Application (#21)
  • Added a new sub-app dedicated to load testing (#499)

Coming up:

We’ll be working toward completing v1.1 before we jump on to blockchain in v1.2. Next up we’ll be working on features including:

  • Admin permission matrix
  • Transaction auditing
  • Improving error reporting
  • Further additions to iOS & Android Point of Sale apps

You can always follow our progress on the eWallet Waffle board!

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