Changes we’ve made since the last update:

  • Standalone eWallet (#401): allows an eWallet provider to set up and use the eWallet without requiring an existing solution to integrate with
  • Allow tokens and wallets to be disabled (#443): once disabled, a token or wallet will still be shown, but will not be usable. This allows a provider to, for example, disable a wallet associated with an account that has been closed by the user, or issue a token for a limited-time promotion that is disabled at the end of a set period of time - without having to edit databases in a way that obscures history. This applies *only* in cases where users choose to grant custody of wallets/keys to the provider; a wallet to which the user has exclusive custody of private keys will never be able to be revoked or shut down by any party.
  • Fix warnings that came with Elixir 1.7.0 (#444):
  • Advanced filtering (#440): allows for more complex searches by adding additional filters such as equal/not equal and less than/greater than.
  • Setup troubleshooting guide (#438)
  • Credo upgrade. Thanks to dsdshcym! (#433)
  • Client Point Of Sale iOS app and Merchant Point Of Sale Android app are now usable
  • Small update to the Blockchain integration OIP following internal feedback (

Coming up:

  • Transaction load testing
  • Forget password feature for standalone users
  • Preparation for a Plasma and SDK workshop on September 11 at Neutrino Shanghai (similar to the recent Tokyo workshop detailed in the August Community Update)

As always you can also follow our progress on the eWallet Waffle board!

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