Hello! We’re back for another quick update on this week’s eWallet progress.

What has been done on the eWallet?

  • Add sync exchange pair for admin panel (#400)
  • Add transaction request exchange pair for admin panel (#398)
  • Basic load testing on the eWallet (#359)
  • Refactor websocket package in Android and fix the connection bugs (#58)
  • Split the Android SDK modules (#64)
  • Work started on allowing providers to integrate the eWallet with mobile clients without the need for server applications (#357)
  • Bug fixes and improvements (#378, #391, #392)
  • The eWallet and Plasma teams held a workshop at Neutrino Tokyo (full recap to come) and got lots of feedback about eWallet’s installation procedure and its usability. We will incorporate that feedback into the eWallet in the upcoming weeks.

The next steps:

  • Advanced filtering for Admin API
  • Draft OIP for eWallet integration with the blockchain (OIP-9)

As always you can check out our current and upcoming tasks in our public issue tracker which uses GitHub issues and PRs. This allows everyone to easily track the eWallet development progress, as well as encouraging open discussion and contributions from the community. (That’s you!)

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