This week's update is relatively brief because our biggest plasma news has already been shared - we collaborated again with our friends at Hoard to use our test network Ari to host a new and improved Plasma Dog at ETH Denver! We put out a blog post with that launch where we shared some of the details of that deployment and challenges we overcame to get to this point.

We were happy with the performance and handled well over three million API calls to our services! We've already started onboarding developers through the OmiseGO Developer Program and continue to monitor how the network runs in production on the Rinkeby Ethereum test network.

In preparation for Ari we released version v1.0.0 of omg-js, the javascript integration library for interacting with MoreVP services. This enables more developers to start building applications on the OMG Network without deep knowledge of the technologies we've implemented.

We've also improved our testing around in flight exits and changed the deployment mechanism of the Watcher to preserve data, so a full sync is not required each time the service is started.

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