The engineering team has been heads down, pushing hard on our initial version of More Viable Plasma. We’ve set up a brand new environment specifically for our partners to test against. This environment has all the production support services that we set up with our internal testnet. If you’ve been monitoring our repositories, you’ll notice that we also have a pull request open for our updated javascript libraries for the new API format. Once that merges and we shake out the early issues with our deployment, we’ll start inviting our partners to integrate with the new testnet.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though. We still have plenty of MoreVP feature development to do, including ERC-20 support for in-flight exits. In our current release, we only support ETH for in-flight exits. We also have a few features we’re looking forward to working on, like UTXO management and transaction metadata fields. Both will make the chain much more useful for a variety of applications. We’ll be starting on this new round of feature development this week, in addition to heavy testing and validation of our new release.


We don’t have much to say about OMG-specific research this time around - it’s been all about the production the last couple of weeks! There’s been tons of good progress on Plasma Group’s general research, which we’ll continue to support any way we can; and we’re very much looking forward to getting back into the fray, building on those findings for our own future iterations as well.

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