OmiseGO eWallet Suite Demo

The OmiseGO eWallet Suite is a white label, open-source, and fully customizable eWallet to digitalize and store all types of assets. What does this mean?

First of all, being white-label, the eWallet is yours to brand as your own. Second, as it is open-sourced and fully customizable, you can change and develop it to suit any need you may have. You may use it to store company loyalty points, employee benefit points, game tokens, cryptocurrency, or even fiat.

While the eWallet Suite can certainly stand alone on its own without having to be linked to the decentralized exchange (DEX), it was created with future integration into the OMG network in mind. This is where it can truly shine. With OMG network integration, a company can offer multiple transactions at high speeds.  The decentralized exchange enables interoperable trade of different types of assets be it points, fiat, crypto, or any other asset that has been digitalized and stored on the OMG network.

In the video Thibault, Integration Lead Engineer at OmiseGO, walks us through the various features of the eWallet Suite, and show us how the eWallet and its features may be used in the real world.

Learn more about the eWallet Suite here.

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ShinhanCard video demo

As a product of the MoU signed in April of 2018 with OmiseGO, ShinhanCard demonstrates a cross-border PoC with the aim to expand the acceptance of ShinhanCard’s loyalty program to international markets and enable borderless interoperability. Read more on the OmiseGO BLOG

OmiseGO January Roundup

Catch-up on all the latest developments that happened in January 2019. A five minute read that summarizes our tech updates for the eWallet and Plasma,  the lowdown on OmiseGO-related news, the events we've been to, and a profile of our newest OmiseGO team member. 



Developer Spotlight

 Tousthilagavathy has been a member of the OMG community since October 2017. As an active member on the OmiseGO’s reddit, he has developed content made available to the OMG community including a comprehensive ELI5 OmiseGO whitepaper. This month, we got to know a bit more about Tousthilagavathy, his background, and how he got interested in the network.

Question: What got you interested in developing, how did it start?

Tousthilagavathy: I got hooked the first time I was introduced to computers at a young age. Programming fascinated me. I've always found abstraction, logic and deduction to be interesting. So, I guess that helped with the interest. I started developing with the Basica and C programming languages to do simple graphics.

Q: What is your development process?

Tousthilagavathy: Most of the development I do involves quite a bit of abstraction and research, so I follow the iterative development process it’s a lot of repetition till I’m happy with my design. I also use Scrum, for managing my product development.

Q: What projects have you completed and are proud of?

Tousthilagavathy: While I’ve completed a lot of projects, I have to say I’m most proud of having designed and programmed engines to do automation, simulations of crowds and worlds. And also I’ve done system programming related stuff like memory managers, process managers and custom scripting languages.

Q: What projects are you currently working on?

Tousthilagavathy: Currently I’m working on a networking-based web app that has elements of social, business, payments and incentives.  

Q: What OmiseGO technology are you excited to develop on?

Tousthilagavathy: I like the currency agnostic, crypto, DEX and scalable aspects of the OmiseGO tech.

Q:  What opportunities do you want to explore on the white label eWallet?

Tousthilagavathy:  I want to look at payments of course and play around with the various forms of incentivization. These functions are in line with the current work I’m doing, so it could be cool to explore the eWallet.

Q: What inspires you when writing for the community? What brings about interest in doing so?

Tousthilagavathy: I just like sharing my knowledge with the community. Sometimes the inspiration is purely accidental, for example, some time back when Givedirectly was tweeted about by OmiseGO, I got to thinking about it one evening and for the fun of it, I had written out the distribution logic on my blog.

See more of Tousthilagavathy’s work HERE

January AMAs

We've rounded up and answered the most popular questions the community had to ask. 

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The new OmiseGO office

 We’re growing and strengthening our team and of course, our office also had followed suit. So, back in October 2018, we decided to increase our office space. Our office is an open layout, with a mix of industrial fixtures and light wooden accents to lighten up the mood. We’ve got games for staff when they need to de-stress, some motivational art to spark up the creativity, and even a place for our furry friends like Plasma who always drops by to say “hi”. 

We are growing our team and would love to hear from you.   


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