The mainnet is not going to have a DEX and doesn't have UX improvements like fast withdrawal. Can you clearly state the goal and importance of this bare bones plasma and also very importantly, will we see conglomerate adoption?

The importance of the base layer, the MoreVP plasma chain, is that it's the rails over which all the functions that OMG aims to enable (everything from basic payments and transfers to decentralized exchange, interoperability between wallets and independent integrations) take place. The plasma chain alone is able to support many types of integrations, although of course we consider the DEX layer foundational to the full OMG vision.

The most important goal of the MoreVP implementation is to be as secure and stable as possible - a rock solid foundation that can be relied on to support the more exciting stuff.

To be clear, we didn't state that mainnet would not have a DEX. What was said, in response to a question about technical dependencies, was that the plasma chain that forms the basis of the OMG Network does not require the DEX layer in order to function. The DEX and plasma chain are separate components being developed in parallel, and as always we're refraining from talking about timelines related to either one.

As for adoption, we're continuing to work with early implementers on both eWallet and javascript integrations.

Can you clearly list out all the goals you have for the project so that we can sync?

Jun recently posted a strategy update. Although it was from the Omise Holdings level, he did identify immediate goals for OmiseGO:

The OmiseGO team is a part of the OMG and Ethereum communities, contributing as builders of the OMG Network. The teams there are heads down working on the OMG Network (DEX + implementation of plasma), eWallet Suite and further defining their products and business.

Now that OmiseGO has released the Ari testnet onto Rinkeby in a closed alpha version ... we’ll be seeking to incrementally increase engagement with developers, partners and implementers; as well as encouraging and supporting community initiatives to contribute to the OMG vision...We’ll also be ramping up business development efforts, both to bring volume to the network and to continually improve our strategy based on information and feedback gathered from implementers.

In list form, OmiseGO's goals are the same as always, aiming to produce:

  • Plasma based decentralized network for currency- and platform-agnostic value transfer
  • DEX infrastructure layer allowing interoperable exchange between multiple venues
  • White label eWallet suite (including SDKs, APIs and sample applications) fully integrated with Ethereum and the OMG Network
  • Fully decentralized Proof of Stake consensus protocol
  • Continued business development efforts to bring volume and liquidity to the network

Can you confirm you have lost the MOU with the Thailand government?

The MOU between Omise and the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) is still in place. The recent announcement was related to a blockchain solution for a specific use case, identity management. OMG Network wasn’t the right tool for this use case and the Thai government is instead working on a solution based on the Tendermint consensus design (although not working with Tendermint the company as some have implied).

Could you elaborate on why you have the confidence the OMG network is going to be a success?

In her recent blog post, Vansa shared some of her thoughts on this question. In summary, over the past year we have invested in staffing, engineering processes, early business validation and risk management. This solid foundation will be key to the success of OmiseGO and the OMG Network.

Does your current Ari testnet allow users to exit assets from the OMG chain onto the root chain (Rinkeby in this case)?

The current iteration of Ari does allow users to exit to the root chain.

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