Will OMG be running their ETH integration testnet in tandem with the ETH POS testnet?

The current Ethereum testnet integration, aka Public Alpha - is running on Rinkeby at the moment (which is technically PoA). We don’t have any plans to integrate with Ethereum 2.0 Testnet, but we are also open to that option as Ethereum’s new testnet gets here.

In theory, do you think development would speed up now that a nice foundation has been laid, or does it get even more complicated from here on out due to all the coding and complex layers involved?

The surface area of what we’re trying to accomplish is quite large. The foundation that we’ve laid is requisite to even attempt to put a software project this complex together. We’d certainly like to make quicker progress, but given that software development is an empirical process, it’s hard to say. There are too many unknowns at the moment, both from product and research, to know whether complexity will win out over speed of progress. What we can say is that we’re more organized and efficient than we’ve ever been before.

Better and better versions of Plasma will be built. From a technical perspective, how difficult will it be for OMG to continuously upgrade & implement newer/improved versions, even if those versions/improvements are made by other teams?

We’re actively doing research on upgradeability paths right now. What is difficult and incredibly exciting about this space is that we’re solving problems you can’t Google the answers for. There are no best-practices to follow. We’re on the vanguard of figuring out how to continuously improve and maintain software that depends on immutable smart contracts. That said, we’re excited at the possibility of using predicate contracts to improve and add functionality of our plasma construction. They have their limitations so there will certainly be situations where we will need to perform a hard upgrade, which essentially asks our users to perform a plasma exit out of the current contracts and deposit into a new version. Everyone out of the pool and back into a new, better pool!

Assuming Bonchon completion as the Beta release, to what extent will horizontal scaling help increase TPS and why is it being done for the initial network release?

We’re still very much in a product development phase of our work. We believe that working in Proof of Authority will help us iterate on product features quicker. We also believe that we can’t iterate on product features for our users if the product is not available. The horizontal scaling is currently more focused on our availability goals than performance goals. While the horizontal scaling that we’re looking at will allow more Watchers to run – which increases the security of the system – it also allows us to build more fault tolerance into our service. Service reliability is a feature and will help us collect more feedback to make the product better.

Can you specify out what are pre-requirements for PoA running + token burning?

Public Alpha is running on Rinkeby, this is technically PoA. We don't yet have information to share on token burning.

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