You have mentioned that you are excited about the possibility of Plasma Predicates in an answer regarding the upgradeability of the OMG Network. What are the use cases?

In our current research, we are hopeful that the predicate contract design will be able to support different transaction and transaction output types without requiring a “hard” Network Upgrade.

A hard Network Upgrade is what we are planning to rollout in the next couple weeks, so that we can deploy a new root chain contract with bug fixes and new features. What makes it hard is that we will be requiring everyone on the current version of Ari to exit their UTXOs and then redeposit into the new version, which will be rooted in an entirely different contract. This is the upgrade of last resort – one that is to be expected in the world of immutable contracts. We are technically deploying an entirely new plasma chain and abandoning the old one. This is the most disruptive way to deploy new features.

Being able to upgrade transactions and transaction output types allows us to deploy a certain set of additional features without requiring a hard upgrade. By transactions, we mean state transitions and by transaction output types, we mean the actual state data. Our research goal is the ability to specifically update restricted custody DEX transaction types as we continue to develop the protocol and features. Because of our use of MVP and the potential changes in the exit game for these DEX transactions, we are looking at an abstraction beyond plasma predicates, where we can update the exit game for those transactions as well.

For more insight into our ongoing work in this area, you can take a look at:

OMG's partnership with MakerDAO - who is taking the lead on making OMG available as collateral

MakerDAO is taking the lead on making OMG available as collateral. We've contributed to the process as needed and follow developments with interest. We should have an update for you around June.

Where is David Knott?

David is here and continues to help at OmiseGO while also working on his personal projects.

Since the public test net is out, can you share what kind of enterprises and industries are testing out the OMG network? Is there any feedback from this testing?

Given the nature of software development and standard practices, specific dates cannot be provided. With that said, the rate of adoption of new technology by businesses and organizations in general has always been mixed across verticals and depend on a range of overlapping factors. This of course applies to blockchain technology adoption as well, but that doesn't mean businesses aren't open to testing out the tech and exploring how it can be applied. Some are already using the tech to some extent. We have been working with and are engaged in discussions with companies that are at different adoption stages; for instance: Minor, Bank of Ayudhaya, ShinhanCard, MVLChain and Hoard Exchange.

Since the OMG team has clearly stated many times that they are not committing to firm dates for certain features, how has that affected adoption of the tech by larger users and conglomerates?

There has been interest from different sectors, including but not limited to the energy sector, finance, videogaming and humanitarian aid. The list will be narrowed as we identify the most suitable product market fit, keeping in mind that both eWallet and DEX would have priority. The finance/fintech space is still our goal.

We have received feedback from implementers: what kind of APIs would be useful and how they would like the local development process to look like as an integrator. We've received feedback from the feature development side as well, ie. like what features the integrator would find useful in their problem domain.

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