Welcome to post-Public Alpha life. Our work this iteration has been focused on improving our support for running a production service while we’re still in PoA. We’ve been refactoring the startup process in elixir-omg to be more idiomatic Elixir. We’ve done work to decouple the internal services within the child chain and watcher so that faults can be handled more gracefully. We’ve been working on observability of our running services by adding a lot more instrumentation. This lets us better monitor the health of our services. We’ve also spent some time cleaning up our documentation so that they are accurate and easy to use.

As for features, we’re adding ERC-712 signing support so that you can sign transactions with dapp browsers that support the standard. Most importantly, we’re gearing up for a public network upgrade to roll out all the great new features that we’ve been working on since the initial deployment of Ari. With the upgrade comes helpful features such as UTXO management, ERC-20 in-flight exit support, and some major fixes to our Plasma implementation. This will be a hard upgrade, which will require users on the current OMG Network to exit their UTXOs back to the root chain (Rinkeby) and re-deposit into the new chain. We are in the process of updating our clients and documentation to make this process easy and keep everyone informed. Stay tuned for upcoming upgrade announcements.

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