All eyes now point to the Network Upgrade. We’ve been preparing to deploy a slew of new features to the public. We’re approaching the process as comprehensively as we can, by testing exits, preparing our client software, and updating our documentation. Once we’re ready to deploy the upgrade, all UTXO owners on Ari will have the tools necessary to easily exit their UTXOs back to Rinkeby and re-deposit them into the upgraded contract and child chain. With the complication of this upgrade in mind, we’ve also been pushing forward with research around a predicate-like contract architecture. We hope that the new architecture can reduce the number of times we need to perform this kind of “hard” upgrade.

In addition to the upgrade, we continue to work on resiliency. We’ve recently added Parity support into our services so that we can test the relative availability versus geth. Going forward, we may be able to back our watcher and child chain services with multiple Ethereum nodes so that we can tolerate availability issues coming from the nodes. We’ve also begun work to support RockDB which is more operationally-friendly. All this work helps our goal of providing production-quality services while we iterate on network features in PoA.

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