We’ve deployed and have been testing our new version of the network. This includes additional features that we’ve been excited to share, including transaction metadata, simple UTXO management, and ERC-712 signing support! Testing has been going well so we expect to open up the new network to the ODP imminently. Once we consider the new network stable, we’ll open the network to the public and begin the Network Upgrade process mentioned in the last update.

This past iteration has been our “buffer/refactoring” iteration. There’s been work to refactor some of our most complex code for simplicity and readability, cleaning up and adding more application metrics, improving logging, and fixing various bugs that came up. This week marks the beginning of our next engineering cycle, Cinnabon, which will focus on improving our API based on feedback from the ODP. We will make improvements to the existing HTTP API as well as bring back our websocket API, by popular demand.

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