Jun and Donnie had a vision for better financial services for all, and because of this commitment they launched OmiseGO in 2017. I’ve been fortunate to have been able to work closely with them from the beginning, and I’m grateful for their contributions that open up a world of opportunity for myself, my colleagues, and potentially the world. I’m honored to take on the role of CEO at OmiseGO, to lead and serve the company, and to enact strategies that will help us grow.

For those who have experienced this, you know that setting up the right foundation is not always straightforward for an early stage company. If we look at OmiseGO’s progress and team formation, particularly over the recent months, I am more confident and excited than ever that we’re in a good position to make an incredible impact.

The reorganization of Omise Holdings is meant to streamline and enhance operations which are now more focused on each subsidiary’s key strategies and goals. In the long term, I see this as a way to achieve OmiseGO’s mission of enabling people to access financial services that are fast, fair and secure, which in turn aligns with Omise Holdings’ group-wide vision of transforming the way the world conducts payments.

As I start this position, I really could not ask for a better team to work with in build new technology that will change lives through an open financial platform that is accessible to everyone.

My priorities

The focus of my work at OmiseGO has always centered around building the best team in order for us to execute our mission. As stated in my previous blog post the road ahead is complex; we’re solving both technological and business problems simultaneously. Multi-faceted challenges such as this require bringing together a diverse group of experienced, skilled and dynamic professionals committed to achieving the mission and vision of OmiseGO. As OmiseGO’s CEO, I will continue to build teams, lead business strategies, and ensure the health of our organization as a whole. Specifically, I see this as:

  • Continuing to recruit and internally build the leaders and skills to manage and grow teams.
  • Empowering teams to make decisions and innovate towards product-market fit.
  • Leading business strategy with the goal to bring adoption to OmiseGO products.
  • Securing resources for us to build, iterate and on-board customers, technology and channel partners.
  • Growing and safeguarding our culture, value and business alignment.

Our 2019 business focus :

  • On-board enterprise and startup customers to test, collect feedback, and iterate towards product market fit.
  • Launch open-source go-to-market strategy for the network and eWallet Suite.
  • Strengthen OmiseGO’s overall engagement with regulatory bodies, particularly in priority Asia-Pacific countries to ensure our compliance and to be part of the conversation in policy creation.

Every decision we make at OmiseGO should propel us towards being a responsible and sustainable product-driven technology company. I believe we are still in the very early days of what is possible, and as a company, it will take persistence and courage to keep learning and growing together. I am very humbled to be passed the torch to lead OmiseGO, and look forward to help push the boundaries of what open financial platform technology can do for our world.

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