The Network Upgrade has been opened to the ODP for testing. We’re intent on opening it up to the public as soon as we can and give a chance for our ODP members’ users a chance to migrate their tokens. This past cycle has been updating our documentation and tooling to make sure that it’s all compatible with the new network, including upgrade guides, a brand new js-starter-kit, and demos.

During our validation period, we also uncovered and fixed a few bugs – an issue with the watcher not storing all inputs in rare conditions, addressing timeouts from a re-syncing watcher with a high number of transactions, suppressing some errant errors when deploying a new watcher. Since the watcher is a critical part of the security model of the entire system, we’ve also made it easy to deploy a standalone watcher with docker. This next iteration will be focused on API improvements based on feedback from our partners and the ODP.

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