We have just released version 1.2.0 which contains mainly improvements to support use cases for our ongoing as well as upcoming adopters. The changes since last update are as follows.


Here are the main items we’ve knocked out since the last update:

  • End user and admin user update functionality #1035
  • Fix /user.get_transactions wrong parameters #1023
  • Prevent admin users from logging in through the client API #1026
  • Fix admin panel url in seeding output #1038
  • Minor frontend fixes #1030, #1031, #1032, #1033

In progress

These tasks have been completed, pending review by eWallet team admins:

  • Create Ethereum transactions #1028
  • Secure private key storage using Shamir’s Secret Sharding #1029
  • Keys detail page #1016
  • Transaction request cancellation #1044

As always, you can also follow our progress on the eWallet GitHub project page and on our GitHub Milestones page.


Potterhat is an experimental, open-source Blockchain “client orchestrator” in development by Integration Team. Potterhat provides failover across multiple blockchain clients (Geth, Parity, Pantheon) to potentially improve reliability of Blockchain-based services. 

In progress

  • Node event listener and logger #20
  • RPC relay #22
  • Pub/Sub relay #23
  • CI pipeline #24

You can track Potterhat milestone and progress on the Potterhat repository and read more about it (or add some ideas and make suggestions) on OIP-15.

The Integration Team

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