We’ve launched the Public Alpha of Samrong! We’ll be keeping Ari running for at least a month while we work with our partners and ODP members to migrate their tokens to the new network, making this an actual upgrade. You can read more about how to migrate your tokens in our plasma-upgrade-scripts GitHub repository. Given that this is a plasma construction, your funds are exitable as long as there is availability, so we are considering keeping the Ari watcher running for even longer. Of course, you can always sync your own watcher and retain the ability to exit, even after the Ari child chain and hosted watcher services go away.

On the feature development side, we’ve been working to design support a persistent high throughput API for making transactions. We’ve done more refactors for resiliency on the watcher. We did encounter a regression in CORS headers as part of the refactors, which broke the ability to use the js-starter-kit for a day. After a post-mortem around the incident, we’re working to improve our testing and processes around validation and availability support. We’ve also broken ground on implementation of our version of the predicate contract architecture, which is designed to support upcoming settlement transactions without a hard network upgrade.

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