Things are moving fast and furious on the abstract layer contracts implementation. We’ve almost reached feature parity with the existing contracts – we’re able receive ETH and ERC-20 deposits, store block hashes, and support standard MVP exits for payment transactions. Upcoming work is processing exits and the in-flight MoreVP exits. Granted the in-flight exits are complex, so this will likely take the whole next iteration. Once we reach our minimum viable feature set, we’ll be ready to begin audits.

On the child chain side, we’ve started working on support for the abstract contracts. This includes some fundamental changes in how we handle transaction types. Ideally, we’d be able to support similar kinds of transaction abstraction that we’re designing into the contracts. An update about the stress test – we ran into some tooling issues which have delayed the process. Once we’re able to gather results, we’ll keep the community updated.

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