We’ve been working hard on the Ethereum integration over the past two weeks, and we’ve made a lot of progress. We are now able to generate a deposit wallet address using an HD wallet system and send funds to the wallet from an Ethereum account. Internal tokens can be turned into ERC-20, and smart contracts for new ones can be deployed from the eWallet. 

It’s all working, but we need to add more tests, clean up, refactor the code and conduct proper reviews before merging those features. 

Since the endpoints aren’t ready to interact with all those cool new features, our admin panel developers have been working on the hot wallets top-up mechanism, which will allow admins of the eWallet to send ETH or ERC-20 tokens using Metamask.


Here are the main items we’ve knocked out since the last update:


  • Support sending Ethereum transactions from the hot wallets (#1080)
  • New UI design components for admin panel #1118 #1098
  • Blockchain wallets page for admin panel #1112
  • Web3 Metamask integration for admin panel #1114

In progress

These tasks are currently being worked on or are pending review by the OmiseGO Integration Team members:


  • New configuration page design for admin panel #1122
  • Update tokens to integrate Ethereum compatibility (#1081)
  • Add endpoint to create cold wallet references (#1111)
  • Add ERC20 token generation from the eWallet (#1116)
  • Add HD Wallet system and tracking/handling of relevant Ethereum transactions (#1123)

As always, you can follow our progress on the eWallet GitHub project page and on our GitHub Milestones page. If contributing code is your thing, we have a list of issues suitable for first-time contributors. Be sure to check it out!


Things have slowed down a bit on the Potterhat side because O (Unnawut) was helping to review all the Ethereum integration PRs. He is now away for a few days, giving a talk at the Elixir conference in London. Once he’s back, he’ll hop back on Potterhat. 

You can track Potterhat milestone and progress on the Potterhat repository and read more about it (or add some ideas and suggestions) on OIP-15.

The Integration Team

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