The biggest production milestone for us in the past iteration was actually shutting something down. Last week marked the end of Ari, our first public alpha testnet. It ran for 168 days with minimal downtime, producing 52,829 blocks, which included 1.64MM transactions. There were 360 deposits and 2207 exits, which amounted to ETH and 59 ERC-20 tokens. This marked the end of our first full Network Upgrade. We learned a lot from the process, which we will share in an upcoming blog post. 

As mentioned before, since this is plasma, users can still exit their funds by performing exits against the root chain contract – provided that they have the exit information from a fully synced watcher. However, we are no longer be monitoring the Ari root chain contract for invalid exits and leave that up to anyone in the community that may choose to keep the Rinkeby testnet funds safe.

On the development side, since we’re deep in the middle of milestones it’s been heads down to deliver our abstract contracts. We’ve completed processing standard exits and are working on in-flight exits. On the child chain and watcher side, we’ve been cleaning up some of production monitoring tooling and digging into supporting new transaction types as they are deployed with the abstract contract design.

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