At OmiseGO, “Unbank the Banked” means disrupting banking services: providingalternative financial and digital commerce tools for everyone without having to gothrough traditional banks, institutions and card networks. OmiseGO is a next-generation Ethereum-based financial platform enabling real-time, peer-to-peer value exchange and payment services agnostically across national jurisdictions and organizational silos, and across both fiat money and decentralized currencies; enabling true financial inclusion as well as freedom from monetary limits that are not aligned with the people's interests.Our target customers are both the 73% of the Southeast Asian population who do not currently use or have access to formal financial services (the so-called “unbanked”) and the 27% of the population currently using formal financial services (“banked”) because it's been their best option until now. These end-users will be provided a tool to more effectively and informatively manage their wealth in and out of whatever asset-type or currencies they choose, including decentralized currencies like ETH and BTC, as well as nationally licensed full reserve-backed fiat tokens that users can take custody of themselves. Further, end-users can elect to participate in running the very network maintaining their finances if they so choose - delivering control of not just their wealth, but also its means of production, back into their own hands.The underlying OmiseGO network consists of cutting-edge crypto-economic constructions, including an on-chain decentralized exchange built into consensus that bonds to Ethereum for economic security, and a high-volume payments network capable of wider uses, with the ability to scale via off-chain channels.Additionally, to ensure end-customers are able to fully interact with the OmiseGO network, we will make available at no charge the white-label digital wallet software development kit (SDK) in Q4 2017. This digital wallet (e.g. stored value facility) will be first of the many financial applications to be running on the OmiseGO network. OmiseGO is best setup to implement this project as we, as Omise Holdings Pte. Ltd.,have an established track record in building a fast-growing fintech startup in the payments and value-transfer landscape. In 2016, Omise was featured in Forbes as‘ Fintech Rockstars’. Our business team is made up of professionals who previously held executive positions at a number of financial institutions and companies which facilitates electronic funds transfer. We know the financial services market inside and out. Our technical team is led by experienced professionals who have track records in high growth technology startups. The OmiseGO blockchain team specifically has been involved in the Ethereum community from its very beginning, and formally as part of Omise since 2015. Joseph Poon, best-known as the creator of Lightning Network, is the principal author of the OmiseGO whitepaper, and will guide the team in the architectural specification of his most recent work. Our technical advisory board includes some of the leading minds in the blockchain space like Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, amongst others, are available to us for practical guidance and are actively involved in the project's development.3Participating in the OmiseGO crowdsale, and becoming an OMG token holder, means becoming part of the conversation about how to set the new standards and infrastructure for tomorrow’s decentralized and disintermediated payments and value exchange services. It means lending a hand in disrupting legacy systems and demonopolizing/de-oligopolizing centralized services such as card networks, fractional banking, and asset-heavy institutions. Token holders also have the right to participate in running the OmiseGO Proof-of-Stake network, and to earn fees from validating the transactions that occur on it.This document provides information on the OmiseGO business, particularly focusing on the end-user applications and development roadmap, as well as on details about the upcoming crowdsale and OMG token. It is released in conjunction with the technical summary of the end-state architecture, the “OmiseGO: Decentralized Exchange andPayments Platform”. 

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